Six Skiers, Seven Questions

Descender sent me to find out what some of the top tele skiers think about the State of Telemark. Filming in Bella Coola BC with Bones & UP3: Sarah Clemensen, Bj Brewer, Frode Gronvold, Henrik Haaland and me, Ben Dolenc.

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Why I Don't Tele Anymore

Unless you're living in Scandinavia circa 1890, check the calendar. Snowboarding and Alpine are superior methods for descending. Randonee is the choice of almost all serious mountaineers. So what's the deal, "One Less Car"? Get it together hippies.

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Frequency Mag

Frequency is an independent snowboard culture journal, and one of the most influencial titles on the rack today. We spoke with Publisher Jeff Galbraith about motivations and hope for the future.

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Video: Rip Tip

What is the secret? Don't be chicken. Step Up. Mr. Gronvold tells you how to take a stance. Hosted by Chase Jarvis, DV by JB, edit by RM.

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In Action: Big Mtn Mastery in FR4 6 MB QT
Video: Inside Taos

Taos's lively freeheel scene may be due to the fact that many of the best shots are only accessible by a short hike.

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» My Day with Seth

» Inside Telemark Skier Mag

Armond DuBuque and the UTB

Armond vs. The Giants. We sat down with Armond DuBuque to get the real story behind the development of the Ulitimate Telemark Binding (UTB).

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Video: Culture Jam

Delve deep into the psyche of a top telemarker. Look into his bathroom, and you see a man's soul. An examination of culture bumming Chamonix style hosted by Chase Jarvis, DV by JB, edit by RM.

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Susanna Lindberg!

Swedish tele ripper Susanna Lindberg answers with: "It's the whole package." Find out the question...

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Ben Dolenc 2003

Descender catches up with Ben Dolenc, 2003 telemark media darling. Is it his skiing, or his sideburns?

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- FreeFlow: Ben Dolenc 02
- Paul Parker
- Frode Gronvold
- Oscar Tjarnberg
- Oliver Steffan
- Dan Gilchrist
- Leslie Ross
- Staffan Andersson
- Stuart Kellermeyer
- Erik Mossfeldt


- 360, Oscar
- Big Air, Frode
- Tele Switch, Luke
- Drop a Cliff, Oscar


- Seattle to Alpental: Soundtrack
- Long Bored Summer
- Whitefish, MT
- Photo Tips
- Butterflies
- Couloir Extreme
- Tele Freeride
- Igneous RIP
- Unimog de Luke


- Expectation
- Brandywine & Mr. Vasel
- Revolution!
- Re-Evolve


» Free Radicals 4 (6MB, QT)
Frode Gronvold's segment

» Laying It Down (7MB, QT)
Nat Ross' new tele film

» Unparalleled One (1MB, WM)

» Unparalleled Two (1MB, WM)


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