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(Left to Right) Fos hit jump, Fos Joke Seth Oi Oi Oi!, Seth jump big!

When you can right reel good, good thing can happen to me! Mad essay skillz win Fos a weekend with Seth Morrison. So they went skiing.

By Eric Foster

My day job is writing for "the man" over at Microsoft, and talking trash
in ski chat rooms when I take a break. One day I decided to put that
trash talk to work and enter a writing competition, and I won it baby! The
prize was a pair of AK Enemies and a weekend with Seth Morrison. I love
the skis but never gave much thought to hanging out with the man. I
figured he expected a flak that would drive girls home for him. I did
end up driving his girls home, but I also skied with him. Here is how it
went down.

Thursday: Rain hit the snow the day before, turning it from white cement to blue ice. Fortunately, K2 wasn't the only sponsor of the Ski with Seth contest. Redhook provided an endless spigot of beer to kill the pain as we spotted perfect lines off of Piss Pass. Good thing, the conditions would have ended in certain death.

Friday: With hangovers from a drunken debacle at the Redhook brewery and an even later night at the Alibi Room (owned by Josh Loubek's brother), we headed up for the obligatory runs down Nash (International). The snow sucked. We went back to the bar and worked through our hangover, waiting for the sun to soften the concrete. Oi Oi Oi! Are you still recording?

Later Friday: Later that day, we made Seth earn his keep in the terrain park. With the exception of his hair, Seth is a quiet guy in person. But that all changes when he's on his skis and in his element. On our first hit he threw a misty 5 off the table and an underflip in the half pipe to "knock out the cob webs" as he put it.Oi Oi Oi! We spent the rest of the afternoon skiing the park.

As for Freeheeling, Seth had much respect. He took time to iron out the kinks in my park skiing.When we weren't skiing, we were chatting about life as a pro, Seth's experiences over the years and life in general.

Seth is a really good guy, very down to earth and passionate about his first love, skiing. At the end of the day, I walked away with new perspective on life as a pro at the top of the game. Skiing and hanging with an icon like Seth was a good reminder that skiing is about taking time to experience the journey, is about the friends, where you are, and the fun you are having.

Sunday: It started dumping and didn't stop till nearly 2 feet had covered up the day before. Oh well. Maybe next time, Seth.

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